To Infinity and Beyond

2016 was an exciting year for BeneFix. It’s the year BeneFix was born, and since the start, BeneFix has hit the ground running and consistently continues to grow. Just 7 months ago, BeneFix was a small team working in a shared space, now we’re in our own office, and have added smart, talented, and motivated folks working to make BeneFix simply the best. BeneFix is focused. Founder, Matthew Ranauro recognized a big problem-with no centralized system for health insurance quotes, proposals and other industry tasks, BeneFix IS the simple solution.  As our current customers know, the BeneFix software generates quotes from all carriers in a flash.

It’s no secret 2016 was a GREAT year. But here at BeneFix, we wholeheartedly believe 2017 will be BIGGER and BETTER. Our future is bright, and it’s our customers who drive us to deliver a top-quality product that promises to make quoting more effective and efficient. So what’s on tap for 2017? We can’t spoil all of our future surprises, but we do have a few awesome initiatives to share.

We are working on an Automated Renewal System, without going into too much detail, just know this will certainly reduce your workload. Another big deal, creating Automated Enrollment. This will take away the pain of filling out endless forms manually for carriers. Instead, BeneFix will do the work for you. What else is in the works? Of course we want our customers to always be happy. And so, we are continuing to develop and refine the process for guaranteeing accuracy.

But above everything, our customer satisfaction comes first. We want to hear from you. Let us know what we can do to make your experience with BeneFix exactly what you need. You can always reach us by emailing: SUPPORT@BENEFIX.US

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