A Minute with Matt (February)

One of the biggest changes on the mind of nearly every American – the future of Health Insurance. Republicans in office have made it clear the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be repealed and replaced. So what does that actually mean for small business owners? Many are welcoming the notion with open arms. The uncertainty of health coverage gives small businesses a chance to speak up, and get what they felt they didn’t get under the ACA.

Just this month the House Small Business Committee conducted a hearing to find out what small businesses want out of health insurance. The number one request…lowering high costs. A large percentage of small business owners are hopeful the Trump Administration can lower health insurance premiums, stating if there are more affordable coverage options, more small businesses would offer coverage to their employees.

Many small business owners also noted the complexity of buying the best health care option is time consuming and confusing. And this is where InsureTech like BeneFix comes in. BeneFix can help to simplify the process. With change in the forecast, having the most efficient and effective way to quote small business groups is necessary.

Change is coming, with BeneFix brokers will be ready to embrace it.


Matt Ranauro, CEO & Founder

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