To Silicon Valley We Go

BeneFix may be a small town startup, but this month Team BeneFix is heading to Silicon Valley to pitch how BeneFix is providing a simple software solution to a complex industry…

SVIA Launches Discussion on Core Systems and the Impact of InsurTech at InsurTech Silicon Valley Summit, March 29 & 30

Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator (SVIA) announced that it is hosting a new InsurTech Silicon Valley Summit event, “Core Systems & InsurTech Fusion”, being held at the South San Francisco Conference Center on March 29 & 30. The objective of the event is to provide attendees insight, connections and a roadmap to accelerate product innovation, and the modernization of core systems, all while keeping the business operation running smoothly.

The InsurTech paradigm shift is prompting virtually everyone in the insurance industry to stand up and take notice – and waiting on the sidelines is no longer an option. SVIA designed this event to foster a discussion and to help participants from insurance, InsurTech and established technology providers to meet the challenges of the necessary and increasingly urgent marriage of core systems and InsurTech.

The event is a must for those who want to get in early and be part of the discussion to drive the successful innovation and the fusion of core systems and InsurTech. SVIA is bringing this community together to begin an ongoing discussion to help executives from InsurTech companies, top-tier to new insurers, well-established core system and startup solution providers, industry influencers, and investors. Participants will share their perspectives and experiences while learning and gaining new insights from others.

Mike Connor, CEO with SVIA and chair for the Summit, commented, “We are at a pivot point for industry innovation and transformation strategies. This event gives participants not only a voice in guiding the process, it also gives them preemptive insight to align their companies’ strategies and investments with the acceleration, and reduced cost and risk the fusion of InsurTech and core systems offers.”

Jay Sarzen, P&C Consulting & Research Lead, Aite Group, added, “This event kicks off an open industry dialog critical to companies that want to be competitive and remain relevant in the digital insurance industry. I’m excited to be representing Aite Group and our customers at this event.”

Sarzen continued, “Core system modernization continues to be a barrier between the industry and its digital future. Bringing this community together to exchange ideas, lessons learned, and to develop an industry roadmap is a critical step in accelerating industry innovation and transformation.”

An example of topics that will be discussed include:

  • Next gen vision for innovation and modernization
  • New technologies and how they are changing the competitive landscape
  • InsurTech solutions and strategies for core business processes
  • Digital insurance platforms for a customer driven world
  • A roadmap for next gen core systems transformation
  • Rapid application development of InsurTech products and services

Speakers will include first movers in the industry, innovators and experts. Panel sessions will include a mix of perspectives, including: startups, insurance carriers, analysts, new and established technology providers, InsurTech companies, investors and management consultants.


This post originally appeared in Business Wire.

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