A Minute with Matt: Pitch Perfect


This week Team BeneFix is off to Silicon Valley for the SVIA InsurTech conference. BeneFix has been chosen as one of just a few startups to present their business in front of a room full of tech entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs and industry executives. It’s a proud moment, getting the chance to take center stage and share my passion and purpose behind BeneFix.

I could talk for days about how the BeneFix platform is breaking boundaries in the benefits world. But one thing all entrepreneurs will discover if they don’t already know… it takes a whole lot more than a strong idea to win over an audience.

So what’s the trick? How do you keep hundreds of people not just engaged, but genuinely interested? You must present with passion – enthusiasm captures attention. Tell a story – why are you there? Everyone will choose to listen to a story instead of sit through screens of spreadsheets. But above all else, provide an answer. Give your audience the solution they are looking for. How will the product solve an all too common problem?

And that’s what I will be laser focused on during my 3 minute presentation. Showing exactly how BeneFix IS the simple solution to a major pain point health insurance brokers feel every single day. BeneFix brings brokers and businesses together to make small group benefits easier than ever through our dynamic software. With speed, accuracy, and cutting-edge technology, BeneFix produces quotes across all major carriers in a matter of minutes. With BeneFix you can do your job efficiently, effectively, and eliminate stress.

Matt Ranauro, CEO & Founder

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