A Shoutout from Stoudt

Stoudstoudt.jpgt Advisors is an early adopter of BeneFix. They have been a customer since the very beginning. It’s client’s like Stoudt that have been key contributors to refining our quoting and product proposals.  This month, we are putting the spotlight on Stoudt to see what they have to say about BeneFix.


Describe BeneFix: “SIMPLIFIED! The process flows from screen to screen ending with a generated proposal that is ready to go out the door within minutes.  We look forward to using BeneFix during our upcoming renewal seasons because of the ease and simplicity of their system.”

How has BeneFix improved your daily tasks? “BeneFix is a total time saver! Our quoting process time has been cut in half.”

How does BeneFix compare to your old way of quoting? “Previously we would quote 5 carriers individually on their own portals using each of their own census templates. This made it very time consuming.  If you had a change of census, you would have to update each carrier portal.  With the BeneFix portal, you enter the census once, select plans for each carrier, and you have access to individual age rate cards and plans design already included with the proposal that generates.”

How would you describe the customer service at BeneFix? “The Development Team is great to work with.  If there is a programming glitch, we have found the Online Chat gives us a rapid response so that we are not holding up the generation of a quote proposal.  The team takes into consideration all of our feedback, both good and bad, and is more than willing to make any necessary revisions.”

What’s the best part of using BeneFix? “It’s a one stop shop that makes our job easier!”

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