A Minute with Matt- Simple is Simply Better

BeneFix was founded out of frustration. Taking weeks, even months, to get a small business up and running with their benefits seems impossible in 2017 but that’s exactly what inspired the question “why is this so hard?” My excitement to move from Colorado to Pennsylvania, and continue my business, was thwarted by complications of finding new medical, dental and vision coverage.

At the time of my move, I was shocked and honestly disappointed. How in 2016 was there no simple way to do this?

Fast-forward to 2017 and here we are today with the solution I was looking for. The best part of our digital quoting platform? It’s SIMPLE.

The best technology should feel invisible and make your work more enjoyable, even fun. I like to think BeneFix does just that. The BeneFix platform has one purpose – make small group benefits easier than ever before.

Our technology should not get in the way. It shouldn’t be a hassle. It shouldn’t add to that long list of To-Dos health insurance professionals take on every day. Technology, like BeneFix should operate by bringing a simple solution to the most important tasks and bring that solution as flawlessly as possible.

Our simple software is clean-cut. From our straightforward dashboard to our customer service to walking our clients step by step through the process, BeneFix is here to not just answer your questions but to solve your problems. Take it from our current clients.

“I love BeneFix. It’s really easy to use; from beginning to end the app is smooth without any fluff.” ~ Shannon Castro, Producer Services Assistant of Benecon

“BeneFix is the solution we have been searching for. Partnering with BeneFix has streamlined our efficiency with guaranteed accuracy.”
~ Tim Whalen, COO at Whalen Insurance Associates, Inc.

“BeneFix is quick and easy to use. I love that you can instantly get quotes.”
~ Rusty Robb, Client Services Coordinator at Benefit Connections.

Simplify your small group business with BeneFix!


Matt Ranauro, CEO & Founder

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