A Minute with Matt: Say Hello to our Summer Interns

#TeamBeneFix just got a whole lot bigger and a whole lot better! That’s right, we have officially hired five summer interns! Our interns range from rising sophomores to rising seniors at University of Penn, Georgetown University, and Temple University with skills including programming, marketing, sales, software engineering, and beyond!

Just one week into their internship program and this tenacious bunch has hit the ground running and has filled our office with new and exciting energy! With just one intern from Lancaster, the four others traveled from California, Michigan, North Carolina, and Washington state to become Lancastrians for the summer.

Choosing who would join our BeneFix crew was a lengthy process. BeneFix received an overwhelming amount of well-qualified individuals… more than 250 applied! I’ll be honest, we didn’t make the applying easy… those selected went through two rounds of phone interviews, a deadline-oriented task, and a video chat with our current team.

So how exactly did we pick our top five? There are a few key factors I look for.

How well do they fit our culture? It’s critical that anyone working at BeneFix gels with our team. How efficient and effective will they be? It’s this reason we asked those who passed our phone interview to complete a short assignment. But most importantly, do they have what it takes? Do they have true grit and perseverance?

Bottom line, if you want your company to grow, you must be picky about who you let in. At BeneFix, every single person plays a pivotal role in our success, including our interns.  They are diving in without hesitation and are truly invaluable to what we do and how efficiently we do it.

Throughout the summer we will feature weekly spotlights on each intern so you can get to know our BeneFix bunch!



Matt Ranauro, CEO & Founder

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