BeneFix New Jersey Beta Release

Great News!

BeneFix – the #1 quoting and custom proposal platform in Pennsylvania – is now available in New Jersey!

During the initial New Jersey launch BeneFix will be in Beta – Beta means we are still working to guarantee rates are 100% accurate.

Our BeneFix promise is 100% accurate rates, 100% of the time. In order to deliver on this promise, we work directly with carriers are partners so you can trust every rate and product in the BeneFix platform is right. At this time New Jersey rate information available in BeneFix is state filed data – this is temporary and we will keep you updated with rate status.

As we continue to form relationships in the state of New Jersey our platform will remain in Beta. You can use the entire system, run quotes, customize proposals, and manage your small groups.

Our team promises to work tirelessly to help you along the way:

Happy quoting!

Team BeneFix

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