Intern Insight

It’s hard to believe August is practically here and Q4 is quickly approaching. With summer coming to an end, our BeneFix internship program is winding down as well. Our intern crew is an amazing group of smart, motivated, and efficient students, and Team BeneFix feels pretty fortunate to have had such talent join us for the summer. We asked each intern to share some insight on their experience at BeneFix. Here’s what they had to say…
“Working at BeneFix as a summer intern has been an extremely rewarding and fulfilling experience for me, that includes valued work and perks typical of a startup culture. As an intern, whether in marketing or software development, you gain exposure to the many different aspects of running a startup company – a great experience for anyone interested in entrepreneurship” – Joonick (University of Penn)

“One of the best parts about working at BeneFix is the company culture. The positive attitude of every team member, coupled with the comfortable office space, creates an environment that really gets you excited to work. Everyone is very approachable, and every member feels like his/her work is valued.” – Xuerui (University of Penn)

“BeneFix separates itself from other company through its motivating and collaborative work environment.  Working as an intern at Benefix has given me the opportunity to explore many different areas and equipped me with invaluable experience that I hope to apply to exciting projects in the future.” – Drew (University of Penn)

“Working at Benefix hasn’t exactly felt like an internship. It feels more like I’ve been dropped into a group of friends that I’ve known for ages that just so happen to be working toward the same goal of making a great product; everyone expects a lot of each other, but they are also supportive no matter what question you have or what goals you want to achieve.” – Grant (Georgetown University)
“Working at Benefix has given us the opportunities that we would have not gotten at a traditional corporate setting. If it’s from working on operations tasks to sales work to marketing assignments, the exposure we have gotten to the functions of a business is priceless. The startup setting calls for a collaborative environment where as a team, we succeed or we fail together. Thus, everyone is open and willing to help whenever one is stuck or needs guidance. This company is more like a family if anything. I could not have asked for a better internship experience.” – Matt (Temple University)


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