It’s impossible to “know it all,” but here at BeneFix we can help answer all of your questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers are provided below, but if you have ANY and we mean ANY other questions about BeneFix do not hesitate to ask. Simply email support@benefix.us and one of our awesomely talented team members will get back to you before you know it.

  1. Where do I begin with BeneFix?
    • We recommend you begin your BeneFix experience by watching our  WELCOME to BENEFIX Video  which will give you a quick overview of BeneFix and our key features.
  2. How to Begin Quoting?
    • With BeneFix you can quote in a flash. Our efficient, accurate, and simple quoting platform will generate your quotes in record time. To learn how to begin quoting, simply watch this short “how to” step-by-step video tutorial.
  3. How to add carriers?
    • Our unique BeneFix platform allows you to filter carriers to customize each quote. Watch this 60 second video to see how to add the carriers of your choice.
  4. How to customize reports?
    • We know just how important brand recognition is. That’s why we have provided each BeneFix user with a way to customize your reports. 
  5. What does the BeneFix census template look like?